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Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are an essential but often overlooked health and fitness tool that everyone should have.  Accurate scales help you track progress on your weight loss goals on a regular basis, and can even help you make sure your health is on track by determining body mass index (BMI), widely regarded as the most important health metric for people who want to maintain a high quality of life.
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Personal digital scale, black marble look
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Personal digital scale
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Starfrit Balance - Mechanical scale
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Essential at all stages of life, being able to accurately measure weight can help make sure that growing children are on a healthy track and provide adults with easily accessible health data.  

Mechanical & Digital Scale Options

Our collection of bathroom scales includes both mechanical and digital options, with capacities of up to 180kg (397 pounds). Each model features a compact design, so it can be easily tucked away when not in use, and some models have sleek marble-like finishes or glass and silver elements, so they can also contribute to your bathroom’s decor. 

Digital Scales

With an “auto-on” feature that responds to contact and an LCD display, our digital scales are extremely energy efficient, so their batteries rarely have to be replaced. Their outputs can be easily changed from pounds to kilograms, so users never have to second guess what they weigh. 

Mechanical Balance Scales 

Relying on tried, tested and true technology, mechanical scales don’t have all the features of the newest smart scales, but they will never let you down. Unlike a smart scale, you will never have to worry about connectivity or battery life because all mechanical scales need to work properly is gravity. For anyone who wants to know what they weigh, without all the bells and whistles, a mechanical scale will never go out of style. 

Why is Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage & Other Health Data Important?

These days, health data trends have led people to focus on several different types of metrics to track their weight and health. But unless you are a competitive athlete looking for an edge, there isn’t much use for advanced data points, such as body fat percentage and bone mass relative to weight. 

For most people, who simply want to maintain good health as long as possible, they can get all the personal information they need for health maintenance with their body mass index. Once you know your weight, all you need is a simple formula (BMI = weight (in kg) / height (in meters)2) to find out if you are in a healthy weight range.