About Us

About Us

Our story began in 1910 when Salim Rossy opened a small general store on St-Laurent Blvd. in Montreal. With the help of his 10 children, they built one of the province’s largest independent retail stores. In 1949, one of Salim’s sons, Michael, decided to take a chance and branch out on his own by starting his own business, which has since developed into a 85-store chain. One of the most important foundations of Michael’s business model was built on the philosophy developed by his father: a strong community commitment and an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

This ethic, passed down through generations, is still a strong mainstay in business decisions today and is a major factor in Rossy’s continuing success. Michael Rossy’s philosophy was to make sure that Rossy stores offered everything a customer could possibly be looking under one roof. Rossy is the ultimate one stop shop for Rossy carries a full range of great quality, family friendly priced merchandise, from housewares to bedding, fashion to furniture as well as food and seasonal products.

Michael Rossy’s main customers are savvy, budget conscious shoppers who know a good deal when they see one; they are looking for great quality in a wide variety of products. With many storefronts based in small communities, customers are always greeted with a warm smile and helpful customer service. That is the Michael Rossy way.

In the 1980s, Rossy began its expansion outside of Montreal, opening stores in areas of rural Quebec, from Lac St-Jean to the Gaspé peninsula, as well as in New Brunswick. As the company grew it continued to acquire leases, and over the next ten years, what started as a single storefront in Montreal expanded into a 68-store multi-province operation.

In 2012, Rossy broadened its horizon even further into the Atlantic provinces and opened ten more stores in the province of Newfoundland, stretching from St. John’s to Port aux Basques. Stores now totaled 78.

In the years that followed, Rossy continued to expand its stores across Eastern Canada, opening stores throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

By 2015, Rossy further continued its Atlantic expansion with the opening of 5 new stores.. From Yarmouth to Truro to Bridgewater, Windsor to Antigonish: Rossy had arrived in Nova Scotia!

2021 brought with it a new store concept and look, unveiled in Sherbrooke Quebec, that was later expanded further across 7 stores in the chain.

2022 brought new adventures: Rossy opened its online store! For the first time ever, customers could shop at Rossy from the comfort of their homes on a new, modern webpage.

Rossy reached a milestone just in time for it’s 60th anniversary in 2023 when it opened stores in Brockville Ontario, and Matane & Chelsea Quebec: 85 stores operating throughout Eastern Canada.

1910 Salim Rossy, Syrian born, opens a small general store on St-Laurent Blvd. in Montreal.
1949 Michael Rossy, Salim’s son, decides it's time to venture out on this own to start his own small business.
1963 Michael Rossy expands by incorporating his small family business with his first store on 3912 Ontario Street and distribution center on St. André Street in Montreal, Quebec, known today as the Rossy stores!
1963 - 1980 Michael Rossy Ltd. opens 25 stores in the Greater Montreal Area.
1981 Michael Rossy Ltd. takes over the leases of 4 local stores, in Lachute, Buckingham, Alymer and Cornwall.
1985 Mr. Rossy seizes an opportunity to buy 6 rural stores off the island of Montreal, beginning a major expansion in the province.
1990 In the early 90s, Michael Rossy Ltd. opens stores in Lac St-Jean, the Gaspé peninsula, the North Shore and the province of New Brunswick, upping the total count to 28 stores.
1995 A further 16 stores open across New Brunswick, Gaspésie and Montreal
2000 to 2010 Strategic openings take place during a ten-year period, increasing the number of stores to 68.
2012 In the spring of 2012, Michael Rossy Ltd. opens 11 new stores, 10 in the province of Newfoundland alone and 1 in New-Brunswick, bringing the store count to a grand total of 78 stores.
2013 Rossy celebrates 50 years in business!
2015 Rossy further expands into Atlantic Canada when it opens 5 new stores in Nova Scotia.
2021 A new look for a new decade: Rossy unveils its new store concept in Sherbrooke.
2022 Rossy launches its online store, and expands further into Ontario with its Pembroke store.
2023 Rossy celebrates it’s 60th anniversary and opens 3 new stores in Quebec and Ontario, bringing its store count to 85.