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Wooden Wall Shelves

Do you need decorative or floating wall shelves? We might have just the thing! Rossy’s selection of shelves allow you to give your home a contemporary and fresh look while also providing you with a way to store your stuff in empty wall space. Browse our wall shelves and explore the various elegant shelf features they have.

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Round LED light-up wall shelf, black
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LED light-up wall shelf, gold
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Metal and wood wall shelf with photo clips
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Square, metal and wood wall shelf
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Round, metal and wood wall shelf
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Hanging & Floating Shelves

When choosing shelves, it’s important to always think about the look you want and the existing décor of the room. A hanging shelf has visible supports, while a floating shelf casts the illusion that it’s simply floating on the bare wall. Hanging shelves can have a sleek geometric design while a floating shelf is more minimalistic, letting the items on it stand out. 


What to Consider When Choosing a Wooden Wall Shelf

While interior design allows you to express your personality, many people don’t know how to go about it and question themselves. Here are some tips to get you started:


Consider the size of the room

Measure the space where you want to hang the metal or wood wall shelves and verify the product’s dimensions. It’s best to go with a shelf that’s smaller than the available space.

Choose the right number and size of items to display

Hanging and floating shelves usually indicate how much weight they can hold on their product packaging, so it’s good to aim for a weight under that. 

You don’t want the shelving to collapse and cause damage. Additionally, some shelves don’t have the correct depth for displaying books and other objects. If you have many items you want to display, consider installing more than one shelf.  


Weigh your items

This was mentioned in the previous point. Dishware and books are heavy items, so be sure to review the shelves’ product details, weigh your items, and anchor the shelf.


How to Safely Install Wall Shelves

Incorrectly installing a metal or wood shelf can cause damage to the home and injury. Most wall shelf products come with wall mounting hardware and instructions to provide an easy installation process for the homeowner. 


When displaying heavy items, it’s recommended to identify where the wall studs are and attach the shelf to them. Using hollow-wall anchors is preferable when mounting a wall shelf on drywall or sheetrock. Always have a level on hand to ensure that your wall shelf is mounted at the right angle. You don’t want your items sliding off the shelf!


Are Wooden Shelves Made from Solid Wood?

Although many wood shelves are made from solid wood, others simply have what appears to be a gorgeous walnut finish, while actually being made of a mixture of composite fibers to look like wood. Always check each product’s details. Products will include non-wooden parts, including metal brackets. 


Decorate Your Home with Wood Wall Shelves and More

Display CDs, photos in decorative picture frames, and more to create a welcoming and transitional living space. Rossy offers versatile shelves for all of your interior design needs. 

Shop now for shelving or look for other décor items!